08:30 - 08:45 - Pick up at the hotel to start the exciting boat trip

  • Tri Nguyen Aquarium: Biology sea inside Neptune’s place with hundreds of fishes
  • Mun island: Snorkel on  the extraordinary coral reefs which are covered with the multi colored fishes
  • Mot island: Have lunch with many excellent dishes: Boiled rice, Omelette Caramelized shrimp and pork belly, Deep fried squid in fish sauce, Deep fried fish cake w/ crunchy young rice, Crispy Fried Spring Rolls, Water spinach stir-fried with garlic, Traditional sour with fish, Pork cutlets stir fried chilli and lemongrass, Stir fried vegetables. Entertainment program: Music, singing and dancing. Happy hour: “Floating bar” a cup of grape wine with a piece of pineapple, you will be able cheer with your friends even in the water

15:45 - 16:30: Tranh shore

  • Relax and join beach sport or laze on the beach
  • Fruit party: enjoy eating many kinds of fruits from Nha Trang

16:45: Land at harbor and take you back the hotel.

Inclusions : Bus, boat, guide, lunch, fruit, snorkel & mask, drinks

Exclusions : Optional activity costs entrance fee and other service at each island

  • Tranh shore                : 50.000VND/person
  • Tri Nguyen Aquarium : 170.000VND/person
  • Mun island                  : 22.000VND/person


Adult price (included entrance fee)495.000 VND
Children price (included entrance fee)365.000 VND
Adult price (excluded entrance fee)250.000 VND
Children price (excluded entrance fee)125.000 VND


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ISLAND HOPPING TOUR, also known as "Four Islands Tour" is one of the top tours to go when you arrive in Nha Trang.

The top destinations in Nha Trang Bay are all included in the tour program to help you save your valuable time and learn about the natural landscape at the place recognized by the world as one of the The most beautiful place in the world.

Mun Island - The first marine life reserve in Vietnam - Where you can admire nearly 300 species of rare marine creatures. Snorkeling and snorkeling all help you make the most of your journey

Hon Mot - The smallest island in the bay but the natural landscape is very beautiful. With beaches stretching white sand, clear blue sea, there are places that can be seen for tens of meters, mixed with stones with enough shapes are bobbing in the blue sea.

Bai Tranh - Tourist area located on Hon Mieu Island - a variety of entertainment services on the sea, wide beaches and well-cared for daily, with rich restaurants and seafood. In particular, the parachute sport is held every day for guests who want the feeling of flying over the sea and enjoying the panoramic view of the bay from above.

Tri Nguyen Aquarium - An additional destination at Hon Mieu, the old ship - a legend or other way of calling that you can only feel. Many types of marine creatures are raised here inside a ship that has been wrecked for a long time.

Music and floating bar - help you have interesting relaxation minutes, change the atmosphere and connect people together.

You can choose the means of transportation if you have a good wooden or Cano private tour.


Being favored by nature and protected by the community, Nha Trang is known as one of the leading tourist cities in Vietnam, especially Nha Trang Bay when it is known worldwide as one of the The most beautiful bay in Nha Trang.

NHA TRANG TRAVEL SOLUTION is one of the first units that is also leading in providing and organizing tours to Nha Trang Bay. The ability to provide diverse services and the most comfortable helps us to be one of the top choices of tourists when coming to Nha Trang.

We give our customers the most satisfaction about the quality of service, price, ... to help you have the best time in your vacation.


With the ability to provide services and quality assurance for more than 200 visitors per day.

Tour guides are funny, enthusiastic and responsible for customers to help you have fun during the tour.

When you go on a tour, you can take the time to snorkel, walk under the sea, snorkeling, fly, banana boat, water moto, ...


ISLAND HOPPING TOUR - Support most common languages today: Vietnamese, English, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, ... from customers all over the world.

You can order the service on the website via the service form or contact or call our business department via OTT services such as Zalo - Viber - iMessage, ...


1. Customer places service
2. Business department contact to confirm service
3. Customers pay via bank transfer or pay directly at the pick-up place
4. Pick up guests at the pick-up and tour places (customers can report the enclosed service)
5. Return guests at the pick-up point


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